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      Tamiraa's Mix is a Mongolian rock indie music weekly show on FM102.5 Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. it is hosted by Tamiraa (Natsagdorj Tserendorj) and features the best new and old rock indie music from all over the world, including Mongolian artists.

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      Nyamka Ns

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      Music is way of life 💙💜♥️

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    1. THE HU: Road to The Gereg

      0 Replies 73 Views

      by boljmor,

      0 Replies
    2. Дэлхийн нэртэй хөгжмийн сэтгүүлүүд "Моханик" хамтлагийн дуучин Ц.Даваажаргалын бүтээлийг онцолжээ

      0 Replies 121 Views

      by erelash,

      0 Replies
    3. Cigarettes after sex band

      1 Replies 197 Views

      by boljmor,

      1 Replies
    4. The Hu хамтлаг

      2 Replies 240 Views

      by era,

      2 Replies
    5. Курт Кобейн - Kurt Cobain

      0 Replies 168 Views

      by emil.michel-aus-lönneberga,

      0 Replies

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